O Laboratório Chímico de quinta-feira passada foi dedicado a uma revisão dos três primeiros discos de Funkadelic.

Funkadelic - "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?" (Funkadelic)
Funkadelic - "What is Soul" (Funkadelic)
Funkadelic - "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" (Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow)
Funkadelic - "Eulogy and Light" (Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow)
Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain" (Maggot Brain)
Funkadelic - "Wars of Armageddon" (Maggot Brain)

Houve ainda espaço para a crónica "O Pulsar Ciclotímico do Amola Tesouras" dedicada a "In C" de Terry Riley.

Terry Riley - "In C" (In C)
L'Infonie - "In C" (Vol. 33/Mantra)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O - "In C" (In C)

"Funkadelic came into being during 1968 in response to group mastermind George Clinton's dissatisfaction with his current group's recording contract and their increased LSD intake. In a brilliant move of outwitting record company lawyers, Clinton rechristened the musicians of his vocal group (the Parliaments) as Funkadelic. With a new name and a new philosophy, they were able to explore the musical possibilities of the ego-less experience"

Wilkinson, S. (1997). Funkadelic, Psychedelic Soul Brothers 1968-1971. Galactic Zoo Dossier, 3.

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