What soundtrack was playing during your trip?

Imagine you are standing alone on a craggy windswept sea cliff beneath a moonless night sky. You spread your arms out at your side and slowly you begin to ascend, a dreamlike absorption into the dark embrace of the galaxy. You are rocketing through the stars like a spectral eyeball shot out of a quantum cannon. The immensity of space swallows you up, and as nearly all of the perceptual frameworks you normally use to process reality evaporate, you become profoundly and ecstatically disoriented. Boundaries melt, nowhere is up or down, and your immense speed has morphed into a glacial drift. Your tiny mind is blown as you attempt to compass the conundrum of the infinite, and to plumb the meaning of the flickering flash of awareness you call your life in the light of this vast void of shifting three-dimensional geometries, this empty and shattered immensity, this cosmos.

Fica a questão. A resposta estará às 20 horas na RUC.

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